First Information Report (FIR) is the «basic document» used to report a crime, according to the Law of Pakistan. FIR is the first step to launching the criminal investigation process. The Government of Pakistan automated the process of the FIR in several provinces, developed in traditional centralize architecture. The sensitive information about the criminal case is always at risk, for example a compromised developer/database administrator can always amend the case suspects from innocent to guilty and vice versa. The best use case for Blockchain Technology to secure very transaction of the reporting and makes it immutable. We, at Blockchain Lab developed a web application based on the decentralize architecture of Blockchain Technology to make the FIR application secure, scalable and immutable.

  • EJX (Front end of the application has been developed)
  • MongoDB (Database)
  • NodeJS (API’s and backend logic)
  • Azure (Hosting)
  • Blockchain (Our own NodeJS based)